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Selfridges, Stylus & Brands



An eventful Tuesday filled with creative ideas, industry people, brands and packaging.

Leaving my house around 8am travelling to Bond Street with my studio peer and friend Tina, the tube journey was one of the worst I’ve ever travelled, stuck between strangers, moody faces and negativity, however I remained happy, smiling and laughing as per usual. I knew the day ahead would be worthwhile and inspiring. Once reaching Bond Street we grabbed a Starbucks coffee before making our way to Selfridges to meet the rest of our studio peers. Selfridges is such a beautiful place, the window displays are always decorated to the nines, matching the seasons and yearly celebrations. Halloween was made a miss due to Christmas being round the corner and more of a main focus in London. The glittery scenes displayed in each window drew me in, not so much the huge life size Santa manakins as they looked pretty scary with their realistic features so I have kept images of these away from my blog, I am not a big fan of realistic looking manakins.

Emily had sent us a task sheet for the day to follow, once entering Selfridges we separated searching for the different departments linked to our chosen briefs. Clelia and I wandered to the food section finding many beautifully wrapped products, cakes, chocolates, confectionary, and gifts, mainly being Selfridges own brands. The mix of colours made me feel like a kid in a candy store, the aromas of the sweet foods filled the air and made me feel instantly hungry. 


no.1 collg.jpg

Sold in the bakery section their were many ready to eat, grab and go counters displaying many rows of pure temptation. Every display was full of colour, flavours and pretty designs creating a work of art bringing in an audience.


We came across the Meringue Girls products, one of Oh Gee Pie’s big competitors. Their meringues are full of life, stunning handmade products which come in a variety of bright colours and mouth watering flavours. 



The next section was filled with hundreds of competitive luxury brands. chocolates, cakes and their beautiful wrappings. Each section was displayed in a unique way. I could have honestly spend my entire day looking at the displays and fine detailed designed packages. I also came across my favourite chocolates Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles.

luxury c.jpg

I have learnt a lot about packaging and how it really does have an amazing effect on consumers. The way something is designed can change the way a product is perceived. Luxurious designs tend to pull people in instantly, the same way a piece of art in a gallery would. I have taken in how colours, images and fonts work well together in many different ways within branding and the display is just as important as the product. 



Our second outing was to Stylus offices, The Business of Wellbeing. A well established research and advisory firm identifying and connecting important global and cross industry trends. Focusing on how many cultural elements effect the world. Looking at problems and ways of solving each one. A company looking closely at hospitality with heart. 

“Stylus works researching for the future, helping clients to design better and think through human strategies.”

Their main focuses within the industry are


“It’s important to keep your fans and followers interested. Approach what you are doing in the right ways. Focus on the functionality being point 1 and the desirability of all you create. Between communicating the social elements and the functionality of things.”

Investigating Consumerism

They investigate a lot into consumerism looking at all tribes of consumers and the customer audience, weather it’s children, elders, mothers, students and ways of improving our daily intake of foods. Ways in which we can replace our meals with shakes, not focusing so much on hunger, just something to keep you going, helping our energy levels and concentration. 

Protesting through Produce

Our homes are a very personal part of who we are, our havens of peace, a huge element of us. “Planting a seed connects us with the earth, creating a movement called grounding.” Working closely with the Age of The farmer documentry. Farming is very much about patience and mastery. A big brand harvests their products, and what they grow can be accessed on an app notifying us when the produce is ready. Expressing to us a new way of life and how a better food system can change the world. Every choice we make effects on our social status. “With food we should go by what nature dictates to us.”

One of my favourite products introduced to us in today’s presentation was a vodka, infused with fog instead of water. Linked to the drouat in Canada which has been going on for the past four years. 


“People are flicking between personality and ways of living quite easily these days, helping creativity to make change efficient and relevant to the world around us.

More Hospitality | Triple bottom line – People | Planet | Profit

Below is a list of people and places Stylus are working with adding challenging edges on hospitality changing our culture and communities. 

Maydas HotelRefugees can stay here when visiting London

Pop up hotel, Amsterdam – linked to the do good factor, making an impact. 

Green Hotel, London, Wood Green Bed and studio space £18 for community of artists and small groups of creatives. 

Too Good To Go – Minimising food wastes, purchasing meals that go to wastes at a variety of restaurants. 

Skittles – Taking a cultural and political stance, creating a brand new design keeping things minimalistic. “Going monochrome sometimes is genius, helping to explain the hidden story behind a product.”


What does authenticity mean to a brand?

“It means fixing multi-lated problems. An adolescent in the way that we live. Change and adaptation needs to happen.”

Before visiting Stylus I had no idea that a company like this existed. The idea behind the business is mind blowing and exactly what we need for today, tomorrow and the future. It has also helped me to spark some interesting ideas for my current project and our next brief.

Museum of Brands

The last visit of the day was to the Museum of Brands in Ladbroke Grove. Where we got the chance to explore a world of type, fonts, branding and products. 

VICTORIAN – EDWARDIAN – 1910 – 1920 – 1930 – 1940 – 1950 – 1960 – 1970 – 1980 – 1990 – 2000 – PRESENT

museum of brands.jpg

The museum of brands focusing very much on Londons culture and lifestyle. The timeline tunnel takes us on a detailed journey through time discovering brands all the way from the victorian times all the way to the present day. Visiting the museum of brands is has opened my eyes to many different handcrafted designs, stepping into a design world, entering a world of products, packaging and advertising. a truly nostalgic experience. 

Below are some of my favourite brands, each one has been designed using hand written type. Photography was not prohibited at the museum so I drew the below images via observation. I’ve never been good at observational drawing, however this is the first time i’ve tried to draw type freehand and it has worked out successfully.


After visiting the museum of brands I would like to create some of my own hand rendered type in the future, for university project as well as outside of university. The museum provides many interesting insights into how many lives have changed due to the branding we have around us. The history of branding has really helped me to think deeper about typography and the ways in which branding works. 


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