This is me, totally unique.

How would you describe who you are and what you do and how you do it differently?

Exactly who are you?

My name is Nicole Chapman, I am a Graphic Designer, Artist and Creative Writer. Born December 18th, 1991 in Little old Essex and currently living in London. I am currently studying my final year at London Metropolitan University.

words that best describe me. 


What unique combination of things do you do? Who do you Want to work with/for?

A unique combination of things I do are as follows, I very much enjoy illustrating my work and editing it further using digital software such as photoshop, illustrator and indesign. I enjoy working with a mix of medias, from pen to paper, to painting, to photography. I also do creative writing outside of university and during, which has helped me to understand art on a historical level. I am interested in collaborating with other creatives within the industry, to help me to gain new skills in areas I could improve on. I would like to work with anyone who has similar interests to me, anyone linked to events, fashion, design as well as continuing my freelance journey. 

What are you specialisms?

I have experience working freelance within the industry working with and alongside many successful creative, e.g. Entrupeneur, Samuell Benta, Fashion Design Platform Rag City, Fashion Label, Trippy Hippy, Events Organisation KB Management and Underground Artists such as James Anderson & Eklipse. I have a passion for making positive change through the design work I produce. Using a variety of colours helps me to link my work to well being, meditation, love and another strong interest of mine, music. I believe being an artist is not just about drawing pretty pictures, it’s very much about the hidden stories behind the pieces. Every designer, creative, and artist have their own story to tell, art is a way for us to express our true-selves. Letting our thoughts spread across the pages, a beautiful journey to finding our way to freedom. Helping us to design our world, using our mind, body and soul. Forever being in touch with our emotions and expressing all we feel to create the best. I learn something new about myself almost every day which is helping me to design my path and helping me to decide on which road to take when graduating next year in 2017 “Take the one less travelled it makes all the difference.”

Cv Inspirations & Design Ideas

Below are some design ideas which have helped me to develop some ideas as to how to create a successful design cv. The first set of images really caught my eye. their splashes of colour really express me as a design. The modern style and detailed patterns.

The second set of pictures are different ways of folding a cv, using colour as a main focus and making reading a cv inventive and enjoyable. I love how some of the cvs original shapes are folded to then turn into another. I designed my Cv last years for Creative Industry Practice similar to these using triangles. Examples…

cv folded.jpg

Last Years Cv with Business Cards to Match.

The last set of images are minimal designs with hints of colour outlining or narrating the most relevant information. I am looking to work on my Cv over the next month to help with applying for my design internships. 




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