Triple M

Medium Median & More

Whitechapel Gallery

Exploring different artists worlds & their minds through installations and quotations.


After a busy full day at University, me & three of my fellow studio partners went to visit the Whitechapel Gallery to gain some inspiration after starting our first full week back after the summer break. It was a pretty quick visit due to the gallery closing at 6.30 however we took in as much information as we could in that time along with some photographs. 

The first part of the exhibition was created by a well known Berlin based Artist named Alicja Kwade. Medium Median expresseing and exploring thee human races relationship with space & time. Entering the dark room held the majority of the visitors interests. A huge room with a mobile of mobiles and a big screen, no music played, just a recorded voice echoed around the exhibition space. 


The next room was filled with interesting wall quotations from different artist and books for visitors to interact with. The covers were beautifully designed. Each book was filled with inspiring quotes helping us to understand art and how many artists minds work.



My favourite section was a movie by artist; Zeyno Pekuntu. The Institute for New Feelings. This part of the exhibition focuses on the technology and politics of the image. Below are some still images of the video installation. The video was really beautifully made, intricate details, colours and movement added individuality.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg



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