Simply ShaLini


ShaLini is the first person I met when joining the Cass in 2014. Her main interest is photography. We have been working alongside each other on design projects for the past two years and have learnt a lot from one another in the process, however there are a lot of things I do not know about ShaLini. This is why I have chosen her for my case study to find out more. 

Where did your first interest in photography come about?

“My first Interest in photography came by when being at college, I got taught photography for the first time and I had a really great teacher who really influenced a spark of interest. It felt like it gave me path of broadening my creativity. The way the camera operates and its features and techniques, showed a real excitement in me.”

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Why is photography important to your practice?

“I believe photography is important to my practice as it demonstrates heavily of an personal touch of mine, photography allows and helps me express my interest and gives me the sensation of discovering something unique.”

What inspired you to develop your own style?

“My inspiration would be people and their gestures and characteristics, also very much influenced by the natural beauty that can be evoked by photography. Probably is the current style that i strive for. However I am open to new discoveries that influences me to take many other directions.”


Could you take me through your thought process with this particular design project?

“Beyond Limits is probably my most an distinctive photography project I’ve created so far. The thought process began of me understanding the idea of creating a new perspective. The key vision I had for this project is to create a combination between the biological term to the emotion and characteristic aspect, how it may be represented in the visual context. Eyes became then the subject of the idea of photography as eyes expresses an character itself and the fascination i had of how emotions affected the eyes to spark a changes of its natural eye colour. I wanted to create a difference between this normality and extended and enhanced this perception though the form of tears.”


Would you change or improve these visuals, yes or no? if so why & how?

“Yes, I feel like there is always room for improvement and I would probably improve few bits such as a little bit of refinement and create more variation and perception to enhance my narrative of beyond the limits in an broader aspect.”


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