Abram Games

Friday’s Hot House Talk  –   Abram Games    –  Born July 29, 1914 – 1996    –   Whitechapel   –   Influential British Graphic Designer.  


During our lunch break we were introduced to the world of Abram Games by his daughter Naomi. She spoke highly of her father and let us know all about his history and how he became a successful designer. 

Abram is mostly know for his amazing technique of traditional airbrushing. He used this technique on photographs and illustrations and also signing his cheques, which helped to created his own style of design. This is the first time I have ever seen or heard of a traditional airbrush pen. we come from a generation where technology has pretty much taken over a lot of traditional equipment and techniques, I only know of it’s digital term. 

At the young age of 15 Abram helped his father in his photography studio, this is where his first love for the airbrush pen came about. He came from a strict and not so supportive family. When he started producing his own design pieces and explained to his mother and father he was interested in going to design school they simply dismissed his feelings and believed he would not get far. After managing to convince his parents he started on his journey to become one of the most successful artists and designs of all time. 

Abram ended up hating art school, his tutors did not help the way he thought they would and they always dismissed the fact that students would constantly copy one another. Games developed a motto for himself that he would never design under someone elses rules. He would be his own slave and his own master. 


Work   –  Home Studio  –  War Posters  –  Studio  –  Magazine Company  

2nd place prize – Central St.Martin’s University

1st place prize – Queens Award

Designs Abram Games.jpg

He was always so ahead of his time with his artwork, he was looked up to and a lot of people wanted Games for his amazing design skills. All the work he had done before becoming independent had helped him to develop his portfolio. Experience is key. The detail within every image he creates is what stands out to me, his creative way of thinking, using lighting and objects as well as illustrating and photographs makes his style unique. e.g. 7th photograph along was taken with a camera of lighting through blinds to create the effect of lines in the back of the image.  

Looking back at all the information we received today at the hot house talk, I have learnt to never give away your copy right, ever! or you design work for free and to always have something different to bring to the table, be unique, it will get you far in life. 


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