V M & P


Vision, Mission & Profile.

Explain the vision | The story behind Ohgeepie!. Below are questions we were asked to think about during our three clients presentations. 

What kind of world do you want to live in? 

“Our vision is about expressing all we believe in. We believe in giving back to our community. We believe that all young people are deserving of a future full of hope, inspired by their dreams and encouraged through the development of practical life skills, self-confidence and supportive relationships. A world where love rules all.”

What are you doing to make that happen? What will you deliver? 

“Our mission is to work closely with members of the public delivering opportunities through connecting with others thoughts and feelings and the love and the making of handmade foods and products. Tackling a huge problem we are all dealing with, the lack of support when young people leave foster care. Our goal is to change this by giving them the opportunity to be part of a community, a family where they feel safe, happy and feel that they belong. Sharing our experiences and all we know about companionship, family, friendships, relationships, food and the making of, supporting one another, sharing skills, and mentoring them step by step to having a better future. Happiness means everything, to help others around us to believe that dreams can come true.”

“Another of our goals is to open WanderLost, a kitchen and bakery which will work alongside oh gee pie! and the community in creating a creative program which will work with care leavers to provide mentor-ship led employability training founded in the therapeutic art of baking and cafe management, while at the same time creating a community for these young people to belong.”

What really makes you different? Is it tangible or intangible?

“We’re different because we are very much connected to what we believe in. Happiness, Love and working together to make the world a better place. We are warm hearted healers, connecting all things beautiful together. Focusing on the well being of others and  creating possibilities for those who are less fortunate.  We came up with this concept and decided to role with it as we are strong believers in hope and anything is possible. We saw a hidden space in the market where we would fit in perfectly. We had never had pie as good as my grandmothers, especially in London.  We are passionate about true traditions, linking something personal to business and creating something we really and truly love and cherish which we can share with others.”

Cropping my Vision, Mission, Profile statement. 

Our vision is of a world where we can give back to our community, everyone is deserving of a future full of hope, we are the big sister mentors, mentoring those to believe in a world where dreams matter and love concurs all.”

“We aim to deliver support to those less fortunate, connecting people through the love of homemade baking. Creating a family, together we can create happiness.”

“Differently we are warm hearted healers, focusing on well being, creating possibilities for those who are less fortunate. Being passionate about true traditions, has helped us to bring love and food together.”




Added Values 

Love – Heart Warming – Working Together – Memorable – Dreams – Promises – Positive – Trustworthy – Everyone – Sunshine – Positivity – Tasty – Cheeky – Quirky – Recognisable – Seasonal.


Affinity Brands.

“The Meringue Girls, Violet Bakery, Four & Twenty Blackbirds.” 


Audience Personas. 


Christina Poole | Admin Assistant at Epping Forest College | Lover of all things sweet | Spiritual Leader. – Christina believes in all things good, helping the community, good vibes, equality and love. Oh Gee Pie believes in all of the above. Creating a connection. Christina’s love for both chocolate and coffee will never change.  Oh Gee Pie’s Dark Chocolate Espresso consists of two of Christina’s favourite things, she visits here once a month to pick up a pie to go and is looking to book a baking workshop soon.


Phoenix Cherish Nova  | Secondary School Student | Family Member | Sports Lover | Art Lover | Cake Lover. – Phoenix has grown up within a spiritual minded family. Having a loving family means the world to her, she keeps her family close and enjoys spending quality time with them, especially her mother and cousins. One a month they visit a new desert place, Oh Gee Pie is her knew favourite place.


Lyndsay Chapman | Bartender | Lover of Music | Good Vibes | Happiness & Strong Believer in Dreams. – Lyndsay has grown up in a small town just outside of London, family time has forever been important to her. She loves to spend a lot of her time cooking in the kitchen for the family. Putting her love into baking. She is interested in attending Oh Gee Pie’s baking classes and working with those who are less fortunate. 


Love Made Tasty. 

Happiness is Homemade. 

Memories Are Made Here. 

Bake With Love.

The Future is Ours. 

Live Handmade, Live Baking. 



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