Values & Colour

This morning we started our studio session at 10am exactly, no waiting for the late comers. We were introduced into the next section of our On your marks brief and what is to be expected of us within the next couple of weeks. Tasks: Fully exploring the product from as many different angles as possible –  Use the product, taste, touch –  Focus on colours that will work well.  

Up & Coming

Below are a list of up and coming trips and tasks for our studio. 

25th October – Morning Studio trip – Stylus – Trends Agency – Afternoon – Museum of Brands – ticket price for concessions £6\£6.50. Need to be drawing and reflecting on what we see.

Creating A Brand Manifesto 

How are we going to create these brand manifestos. Who is their audience? This is important to know as it is the first point of call. Also identifying your niche market. For example; “I want my brand to be luxurious” or “My brand stand for love”. You must have something unique to bring to the table, something different, something inspiring. What’s your angle? Make sure it something different to everyone, everything and everywhere else.

Good Resources 

Simon Middleton’s – Build a Brand in 30 Days – important things to know when branding – Location – Style – Model – Customer. – The Brand Flip – Marty Neumeier – A good question to think about when branding; How is your business really adding value to the world and the community?

Emily Penny

After discussing the meaning behind the previous questions. Emily Penny introduced us to some of her professional design work she has produced for the industry. 

Yoosli – Has been a start up brand for the past 6 years. The product they sell is muesli with a twist. You can order this online and add your own ingredients making you experience personal and pleasing. Emily has designed the brands name alongside her team of creatives; A Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Copywriter. The product is being sold in store at Waitrose. 


KTWO BUSY B – Stationary company – They stand for making family life simpler. Creating a mood board to explain your idea always helps to inspire you, showing what the brand means explained in visuals. They wanted their design to be fresh, pretty and positive and be friendly. Their designs and name first of seemed not so creative. I much prefer Busy B. John Lewis and Waterstones now sell their products in store. 


Culinary Anthropologist – A middle class North London based Supper Club. The brand platform has a good amount of followers and regular customers. A use of different colour palettes for every month linked to food included on their website. 


Emily’s creative ideas has inspired me and helped me to think of some ideas linked to our first brief.

We were also given some examples of some more successful brand that have worked at creating a difference, who stand for something important. 


We then grouped up with those who are following the same client brief as us to put together 100 words linked to the business, what their business made us think of, e.g; family and friends, love, home and also created our own colour palette sheets using different coloured packaging as examples. 

untitled-2bakery colour palette.jpg

Our Afternoon

Client Presentations

After our Hot House talk and Lunch it we went straight back to our studio to hear our three clients pitch presentations, explaining in more detail about their brands. The stories behind the brands and the inspiration they gained to start up their own businesses. This gave us the chance to get to know them personally and also ask questions. The client have chosen to design for is OH GEE PIE!

OH GEE PIE! – INDIA – LONDON MET – SHOREDITCH – PIE! The vision started in India where Nicole was studying their and met some amazing people, young people struggling. She wanted to make a change and start working on this dream. Whitney studied with Nicole at London Met they discussed their ideas and decided to come together to create OH GEE PIE. They had pitched a presentation at Accelerator which did not go so well first time around. After researching different american styled diners in london they both realised that the true taste of america was never on the menus (pies). The idea of bringing their idea of true american home to London was a true dream. They are looking to stay with a social theme and work with young people who are suffering (foster children) to empower those who are less fortunate. The brand is known as a BIG SISTER, a companies that cares, helping and guiding others. All their products are homemade and they are looking for a new look, a new brand identity. Bold colours, visually stands out – packaging, logo, business cards, brochure and any add ons which will make the brand unique. 

After the presentations we grouped into our chosen groups. We introduced ourselves individually and the clients worked on choosing 8 words out of the 100 we had written earlier. We also discussed our colour sheets to help us all get an idea of what exactly Oh Gee Pie! is looking for. 

This exercise helped and inspired us in many ways, getting to know the clients personally adds an important connection when working for others. Today has helped me to come up with some ideas  and pushed me to get started straight away. This is a very exciting and amazing opportunity that I will help us all grow into being successful designers. 


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