Brand Identities

Hello, Good Morning

Todays studio session consist of us working as a group, introducing ourselves to the rest of our studio peers in relation to our interested within visual communication and design. Our first warm up task was to pair up in twos and ask each other the following questions. I worked with the one and only Mr Jacob Steele, a direct entry Level 6 Graphic Design student. 

Something about you? “I am originally from Bucks, which is pretty much like the countryside. Something else you probably wouldn’t have guested about me is that my mum is indian and my dad is White. They also got married in Saudi Arabia.”

What interests you within Design? “I appreciate the journey a design must take in order to create professionally. I am a perfectionist so I find it very hard to work rough, I very much tend to colour inside the lines. The message behind the design work is always a huge part for me, having art that communicates a story, a theme or a strong message.”

Think about a brand you like & why you think the branding or design is successful “I can’t think of a brand in particular that I like but I am very much into the latest trends, I am also interested in shape design, mainly with colour and geometric shapes. Eye catching designs which are pleasing to the eye.”


Our afternoon session consist of pairing up in a different pair group, working on some more questions and answers, this time focusing on Brands in particular, linked to our first Brief  titled ‘On Your Marks’ – (consisting of three Live client briefs.) All of which are linked to previous London Met Students working on the Accelerator Program, working on their very own start up businesses. This brief will allow us to start thinking about brand strategy and get our creative ideas flowing. Two of the businesses are package brands, packaging design being huge element of our studio. All three have something exciting and different about them. 


Smoothies. To get their brand recognised by people over here and the rest of the world. Focused on the product and ingredients. Based in Gambia. Work along side the clients. Package design.


Born on the streets of shoreditch. Two American woman own the brand, selling their pies to many different clients and companies. Sweet pies, not savoury. Open for a new brand name. Different flavours, homemade products, one of a kind in the UK. Huge brand personality, looking for a range of colour to be used within their designs. Don’t want cliche american logos. 


Skincare Brand | Business run by Tom Darmen. He has always had a love for cosmetics. Set up of a store for cosmetics people can add their own blends to the products to add different smells. Coffee scrub, Natural & Vegan products. Fighting against gender stereotyping. (Male & Female) Current. Doesn’t have a brand name as of yet. He wants the design to be crisp, clean & classy. Looking for some arty designs, something different, weird and wonderful. Also has a night serum. This is a brand that cares about the customer.

After Emily had introduced us to the above project briefs, giving us a clear idea of what to expect within the studio this year, we were asked to each decided on a subject area to focus on for the second task.

Cosmetics & Toiletries – Bakery & Cakes – Drinks & Smoothies

Clelia & I both chose Bakery & Cakes.

We each created two A3 documents, one including all the relevant question & answer information and the other of 10 of our favourite Bakery and Cake brand logos.

11 Oct 2016   –    Task 2    –    Brief 1   –   On Your Marks

Bakery or Cakes

User Profile

Clelia, 23, Italy, Bari

Favourite brands include: Pret, Paul & Cat Emporium Clelia occasionally purchases products from Pret, Flapjack is her favourite because of it’s soft texture and sweetness. Her choices are driven by the taste of the product more so than the packaging. However, she believes the brand packaging and logo compliment the products well. 

User Experience

“I went to Pret during University, I was looking for something sweet to purchase on my lunch break. I enjoyed the flavour of this product whilst relaxing in the coffee place. The atmosphere added to my experience. I am also a fan of the brand and the story behind it.”

“One example could be selling this product in a box, designed to hold in more flavour helping to extend the expiry date. However, this will mean increasing the price of the product which may effect sales. Second example could be to sell the product in a homemade package, using recycled paper and string to hold the packaging together. May work better for small businesses. i.e. bakeries, pop up shops, small cafes.”

Clelia had put together a beautiful range of her favourite brand logos for this project using a grid method. Using her time efficiently she had put together much more than expected. 




Below is the information Clelia has gathered about me from todays session. 

11th October | Task 2 | Project 1 ‘On Your Marks’ | Bakery or Cakes

User Profile 

Nicole, 24, London

Favourite brands include: La Gelateria, Lulu Cake Boutique, Fat Penguin Bakery.

She chose La Gelateria ad her favourite due to the intense flavours which reminded her of traditional Italian ice cream. The brand also makes cakes, pastries and chocolates. She would have this as a treat usually visiting Westfield with family.

She based her choice on the flavour of the products and not just the brand design for the above three brands.

User Experience

“First thoughts were of holiday and how the place reminded me of small cafes seen whilst travelling. After entering the store I went to the ice cream bay and selected my favourite flavours, two flavours which I felt would taste amazing together. white chocolate and dark chocolate. I payed #5 for two scoops in a small tub.”

“What i love is that the chocolate melts as soon as you eat it and the soft creamy textures of both flavours compliment each other well.”

“I feel that the packaging could be improved or modernised by selling boxes of ice cream to customers to take home. The logo itself works perfectly.”


I feel todays studio tasks have taught me a lot to do with the importance of branding and identities. Branding is a way of expressing personality and feeling within design work. The story behind the product is one way of creating a beautiful concept and piece of successful branding. All of the above is important to think as we will all be starting with a blank piece of paper. 



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