Negatives and Positives

My Tallys

I have gathered a tally of how people felt due to their facial expressions on a few of my journey’s. Below are the journey’s I felt helped me gather some interesting information.

Oxford Circus | I have put together a series of blog posts connected to my trip to oxford street. On my visit I noticed most people were happy due to the beautiful atmosphere. Music, lights & happy people always helps a day out to be 100 x better than expected. Photographs I have taken can be found on my blog, post titles  The Lights of London & Bokeh Experiment.

East Beckton | On my East Beckton car journey, most people seemed either focused on miserable whilst driving, which did put my mood down a little. However, I was in the car with my family & we always play upbeat soulful house music whilst driving anywhere. We also played a game called Yellow Car. Only managing to gather 3 smiles today, but 3 being better then noneThe photographs I have gathered from this journey can be found on my blog, post titled Working with Bokeh.

Columbia Road Flower Market | On my visit to Columbia Road flower market, most people were upbeat, smiling and full of joy. I feel the weather helped a great deal this day as the market was packed & if the weather was dull everyone feel a little less happy. There were a few people irritated by the busy crowds but the majority of people were all smiles & hellos. The photographs I gathered from my outing can be found on my blog, post titled What A Wonderful World.

Closer To Home | On my closer to home journey on my way to the station I took the long route past West Ham park observing nature and my surroundings. I noticed how the majority of people living in my area love their designer shoes. I tallied up as usual. Photographs of my surroundings can be found on my blog, post titled 9AM Psychogeography Walk.

Creating tally’s on my journeys has really helped me to observe more when travelling. It has also helped spring up some fresh new ideas for my journeys project. 


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