The Rules of Pitching

Creating & the aspects of design

Our Roman Road project has been a journey, the location being our official research. Including a lot of deep delving to find what was particularly interesting to us about the location. Bringing together every aspect of our research to then find more in-depth facts to based our project on. Whatever the brief, theres always an outcome, you just have to find your interest and carry out the expected tasks. Organising research into lists always helps, for example; relevant & less relevant.

We are never really satisfied with our first design, development is always key.

Change  |  Process  |  Breaking Boundaries

Your showcase and final outcome is important. What we are expected to hand in for our final hand in will soon be a clients work one day. We must learn how to be professional before entering the industry.

The C Word

We will be paid to do what we enjoy if we follow the rules.

Pleasing a Client is VITAL!

Gaining their trust is essential. 


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