Duke of Uke | Final Crit

Today was our final Duke of Uke crit where we showed our further improved designs to the Duke of Uke shop owners who had come to visit us at London Met to see what we had come up with in the space of the past three weeks.

It was interesting to see just how far everyone had come. I feel everyone had done a truly amazing job with their designs, it must have been pretty difficult for the shop owners to only chose 5 out of the 15 shown.

PicMonkey Collage 9.jpg

After our final presentations we took a 20 minute break to allow Cecilie & the shop owners to talk amongst themselves to decide on the chosen 5 people who would be then be the ones to continue working with the live brief. Here are my final designs, Five posters and postcard set.

PicMonkey Collage 10.jpg

Our live brief really has pushed us to see just what it would be like to work in the design industry. Helping us to make promotional materials for a shop located in the local area, giving us the idea of how it would be to work for a client. It has also helped to boost my confidence with presentations, this being my 6th one of this year.


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