Logo Designing

After our Shaping our visual identity lesson with Ricardo I was inspired by the different ways of producing a successful logo design. Using my signature styled hand drawn logo.

Why signature style? 

I have decided to use a signature styled font to express how artists usually sign their art pieces. A slanted more illustrative logo design which will link perfectly with my art pieces. signiature style.jpg

Why Goldxnsoul?

The name of my brand comes from my mother, a name she used to call me when growing up. she always told me I was her golden child with many good intentions. I have also always been drawn to the colour gold which I wear almost everyday. The soul part is connected to my spiritual nature, how I have been brought up around spiritual people and positivity. I am very much connected with my soul and the importance of my spiritual being. Using the X instead of an E helped to bring originality to my brand name and that little piece of love.

Shaping my Identity

Moving on to shaping my identity, I have chosen several shapes to start my design process for my logo. I have tried using the four shapes below, helping me to decide which one will work best.

parallelogram, circle, rectangle and triangle.

Logo Designs.jpg

After experimenting with different shapes, I feel the parallelogram works well and it spaces the letters out, making it easier for people to read. I am going to continue to use this shape for my other visual identity pieces.



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