Hello, It’s Me… Kristen

Hot House Talk with Kirsten.

From Studying to Industry  |  Graduate Student From London Metropolitan University.


She has worked within Publishing, Graphic Design, Movie Making, Manifesto Design, Illustrations, Music Cover Designs, Stage Sets and Back Drops. 

x Memory Palace – year one University project, Creating a font based on memories. 

x Manifesto – mini book full of collages, illustrations and text.

x Letter Press for Box Font

PicMonkey Collage

During her studies at London Met she had done a few of our previous and current projects. Her movie titled Energiography created by recording the sounds of London. A very strong moving image piece. Focusing on all aspects of her journey, mainly two major points ‘what she saw’ and ‘what she heard’. This was very inspiring and has really helped me to take in a lot more information and detail on my every day journeys. This has also helped me with my second project.

PicMonkey Collage 1

The second piece of Kristen’s work I really enjoyed looking at were her Stage Installations for Shadow Play. 

It’s amazing to see just how diverse a professional Graphic Designers work can be. The use of soft colours and materials made the set look dream like, soft to the mind and a fantasy piece.

The third being Kristen’s inventive Visuals for Festivals. Which are placed on a Huge screen behind the main staged DJ. The range of vibrant colours worked perfectly with the vibe of the music which was playing that evening.

The fourth and final piece I really loved was her collage type work which she had designed for music artist Orka. Kristen is currently working on the second design through out this next month.

PicMonkey Collage 2

Very important steps in design. 

Manage your work into an online portfolio.

Do a Junior Design role | Internship, which will prepare you for the Graphic Design Industry.

Important to make contacts and whilst studying to communicate and get to know your studio peers, make friends and not to just go out for drinks but to also share ideas and work as a collective.

Always do research.

Suppliers are only as good as you are | always communicate with whoever prints your work.

Be responsible for your own education.

Always learn what you can about all Adobe programmes.

Don’t ever take the easy way out.

Use all you can for free whilst you have it for example; Screen Printing, Letter Press, Photography Studio, Riso Printer, Laser Cutter. 

Find that one style that works for you.

Photography by Clelia


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