Illustrator Tutorial With Michelle

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Step by step process.

  • Check quick guide to prepare you laser cut
  • Can have a different shaped plaque, circle, square, triangle 
  • Etching and cutting, cut into design or the outline of design
  • Darker lines on lighter background or textured patterns
  • Exterior or interior cuts 
  • Have the choice to have another material behind
  • Opaque materials 
  • Translucent 
  • Semi colour – check document 
  • Combining etching and cutting
  • External outline – shape of plaque
  • Detail – Internal – through material 
  • Scribelines – into the surface of material 

External – Cyan

Internal – Green

Scribe – Red

Line thickness needs to be thinest line in illustrator – 0.25pt

A4 new art file 

Copy and paste selection into new artboards 

Always have two artboards – one with original image and second with edited version

O – selects everything in the grouped layers

-> white arrow direct selection

Top layer – basic CMYK colours 

Take all fill out for etching, make sure all lines are consistent, joined together with no breaks. 

This lesson has helped me to learn the next important steps for creating a professional laser cut piece. 





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