Illustrator Mapping

Illustrator Tutorial with Ricardo.

Friday lunch time was dedicated to learning some essential new skills using Illustrator. Ricardo took us through a 60 minute tutorial teaching us tools and the step by step process of mapping our local area.

Data Visualisation .jpg

Step by step process

  • Open Document – A4 – Colour Mode | RGB – Landscape – OK
  • Open Artboards
  • Double click artboard to resize to original
  • Create 5 New Layers
  • Layer 1 – Map
  • Layer 2 – Data
  • Layer 3 – Text 
  • Layer 4  – Key
  • Layer 5 – Colour
  • Using the map layer, place the image on this layer, resize to a reasonable size
  • Moving to data layer, add route to map using the line tool

Moving to key layer, create a key with shape symbols (we used circles) each circle at a different size for example smallest circle – 5 people, small circle – 10 people, medium circle – 15 people, big circle – 20 people. Using the colour layer, create a new colour palette, using one already made titled Nature we colour coded our key and map data. This lesson has helped me to learn how to map data in a digital form using Illustrator.


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