A-Z Collaboration

The Three Musketeers.

PicMonkey Collage 1.jpg

Monday afternoon the three musketeers (Clelia, Shalini & I) made a second trip down to Roman Road to complete our homework task. We had to visit Roman Road and create a collection of brass rubbings. We separated completing 4 – 5 sheets full of textured rubbings of man hole covers, textured patterns and letter forms.

PicMonkey Collage Textures

Once reaching home (Clelia’s house) we put all our works of art together.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

We then took individual photographs of each letter form and pattern to make it easier for us to create our Roman Road A-Z.

A-`Z Originals.jpg

Our next step was to edit our letter forms and pattern to the create the perfect A-Z. Using my digital editing skills I neatened up the edges and details. Below are our 4 completed A-Z’s.

A-Z Original Colour

Our first A-Z was in original colours with no edits.

A-Z Inverted

Our second version was using inverted colours, creating a whole new look for our A-Z.

A-Z Black & White

Our third version was using no colours, keeping things organic by trying tones of black and white.

A-Z Textured

Our fourth version was using a textured effect which made each letter form more detailed.

We enjoyed this session, working together as a team to build 4 outcomes all in a days work. The cold weather was disappointing but we put our will power into today’s task and pulled through. We all have our own individual styles so I am very interested and looking forward to developing our letter forms further and seeing the outcomes we come up with.


On Tuesday morning we were asked to put together some titles for our project using the A-Z we had created over the weekend. I don’t have a definite title for my project just yet so I tested out two titles looking back at my first piece of research linked to the Suffragettes.

Sister Suffragettes White Background

Sister Suffragettes

I would love to develop these further, maybe once I have a definite title for my Roman Road project and make my A-Z easier to read in a more graphic style.


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