Live Tracing

A 15 minute tutorial with Michelle, Live Tracing using Illustrator.

During our morning studio session Michelle showed us the step by step process of creating a Live Tracing document using Illustrator, a must do process for our final piece for our third and final Roman Road brief. Illustrator is not one of my strong points within design so this session was essential for me to learn from.

She took us through a step by step tutorial explaining size, line thickness and simplifying our designs an essential document we will then use for Laser Cutting.

Live Tracing Process

New File – Width + Length – A4 Landscape – Chose CMYK Colour mode

1] Artboard – File – Place – find picture and click to place

Hold the shift key will justify your image to stop it from stretching

Select whole image – Window – Image Trace

The outline of the image needs to be thick and continuous, if any breaks in the lines we the image will not work. On a new layer create an outline, add black lines and remove fill colours. Don’t use complex images for laser cutting.

Find the advanced tab and open in use – Open graphic style box  – Object – rastorise 

Change to black and white, change the threshold, add to path for more detail.

Select tool – expand  | click on parts to delete them

This tutorial was pretty easy to follow and we each got a change to create our own Live Tracing image. Below is my first try at creating one. Using one of my sketches from my previous post The British Museum I created the a live trace of the famous Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone


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