Alex Donne Johnson


Alex Donne Johnson is the Creative Director of Creative Production Studio Dazzleship.

His main works include many different areas of design, motion graphics, live action, photography, virtual reality, animation, illustration, poster designs, record covers, promotional videos for clubs, storytelling and UI & UX design. 

He expressed to us how teamwork is always essential, working with other creatives and industry people can broaden your portfolios and ideas.

“Stories are everywhere, it is not hard to be a storyteller”

“Doing the work is always the easy part, gaining a client’s trust is the real challenge”

T H E  D O U B L E  D I A M O N D  A P P R O A C H  – coming away from your first idea and designing for a new and fresh approach. Remembering to always push ourselves forward. To continue learning new things and to not get comfortable, working outside our comfort zones are the best ways of producing the best outcomes and always believe in ourselves.


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