Working With Bokeh

What is Bokeh?

I feel the Bokeh effect is pretty interesting to look at, the details in the lighting similar to bubbles have a calming look and the colours and simplicity within bokeh images can help individuals to relax during a hard day.

The Lights of London

This weekend I took a trip down to Oxford Street with my Best Friend to do some last minute Christmas shopping. On our journey we took some beautiful pictures of the surrounding lights. They created such an amazing atmosphere along with the singers filling Central London with Christmas Spirit. The little things can add so much magic. 

lights 2lights

Following my Lights of London work, I tested this effect on two of my images. PicMonkey Collage lights.jpgCarrying on with my journey’s development I took photographs on one of my evening trips with the family, a monthly trip we take to the supermarket to get our monthly food shopping.

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage lights 2

I have also added the Bokeh effect to a few of these images which seemed to work well.


On my travels I have taken some new photographs of objects and lights that have added quality to my journeys. I have then developed these images into Bokeh images a theme I am interested in using for my journeys project. Once adding a subtle blur it has added a whole new look to my photographs also adding the look of movement and calming colouring.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

PicMonkey Collage 2.jpg

Animation experiment

I have been experimenting with my Bokeh photography images for project 2. My main idea is to create a more quality journey for people of the world. Helping those who travel on the tube daily  to keep calm on their travels.For example it is rather difficult to stay calm on our way to work sometimes, many things can become a hold back, for example; delays, running late, leaving our oyster cards at home etc. To help the people of London feel content I wanted to  creating some colourful moving images which could be displayed on the underground.


Above is my first example, which could be used as a long poster displayed with other advertisements above below the tube map which is displayed above passengers. The colours I have chosen are Purple, Pink, Yellow and White. I feel they are very calming colours which bring a sense of warmth.


My second example is to be displayed in the tube station where other portrait poster are seen to be displayed, helping those waiting for the tube to stay calm & relaxed before ever stepping foot on the train.



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