Visiting Roman Road

In our morning studio session we were grouped into small groups with second and third year Architecture students to create our own tribes. Each group was given an area in East London to base their tribes and design our tribes visual identity. Our groups location was Mile End, after researching Roman Road and it’s link to Mile End we focused on Feminism, the way the Suffragette back in 1914 set up their own stall in Roman Road voicing votes for women. We worked well as a grouping designing an half man, half woman uniform supporting both male and females who would be interesting in joining our tribe. We felt a unisex uniform would work well. We designed a suitable logo along with our tribes name.

After finishing our designs we took a trip down to the site our second and third year Architecture students have been working to take some interesting photographs of our models in uniform. Our stylish model Kevin Li is posing fiercely in the third row of pictures below.

roman road.jpgIMG_7614.jpg

Around 4pm Luke dismissed us to have a little look around Roman Road Market, not much was going on as it was closing time however we managed to take some pictures of the surroundings and people closing down their stalls.

PicMonkey Collage 2

It was a successful day working together with some new creatives and has helped me to explore a little more on the journeys I take daily.


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