Researching Roman Road

Four Corners
No. 113, Roman Road, Bethnal Green

London’s Centre for Film and Photography. Four Corners was formed in 1973 by four young Film Makers – Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece, Roland Peck and Wilfred Thust. The name Four Corners is based on the fact that the creatives came from four different corners of the world. The company develops independent film making and different levels of production.


  • Cinema and production workshops
  • Screening films to local audiences
  • Independent film making

Four Corners had a contract agreement with Channel 4 in the 1980’s. They had produced films such as; Bred And Born, Hang On A Minute, Is That It? and Nighthawks, The First gay feature film directed by, Ron Peck and Paul Hallam, in 1979)

Four Corner studio is still open to the public today, where creatives can learn about film making, access exhibitions and hire studio space.

“My first cutting room was at Four Corners. There I would work, with an intensity I can recall vividly… I cannot know what I would be doing now had I not cemented my process, as I did, at Four Corners” – Tacita Dean, international artist and Turner Prize nominee 1998, Roman Road Market

Introducing Harry Da Costa 

The oldest known trade route in Britain. The road to Colchester. Roman road is in the heart of the East End, It’s a welcoming market place to shop for bargains. The market takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays. Saturday being their busiest trading day. Special events and festivals are held here in Summer and Winter every year. The most famous route from London to Essex. It is historically known that the route was altered slightly by the Romans who created a paved road from London to Colchester linked to the A12.


“The Roman Road is known all over the world” – Harry Da Costa

Harry Da Costa is a well known Market Trader since the 30’s. Harry started working at Roman Road Market from the age of 7. He is now known as the Chairman. His home is situated in Gants Hill, which makes it pretty easy for Harry to commute to and from work.

East London’s Suffragettes
Roman Road Market

Set up a stall in Roman Road, January 1914, Woman’s social and political union (SWPU). Historian – Sarah Jackson has marked this event with a new book “Voices from History, East London Suffragettes.”

East London’s Suffragettes Festival, In August, 1914 was a week of events with a central day of talks at Toynbee Hall based on women’s history and other hidden stories to do with voting (votes for woman.)


“They were a really creative, courageous group of rebels and we thought their stories would really resonate with a lot of people in East London today, many of who are still involved in different kinds of activism. Different forms of protest, community actions.” – Sarah Jackson


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