Balloon’s of Bhutan

Bringing Gross National Happiness

Jonathan Harris – Artist, Computer Scientist and Storyteller

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Jonathan Harris’s latest project looks deeply into the Kingdom of Bhutan, exploring the measured quality of life through Gross National Happiness. He spent two interesting weeks talking to 117 people living in Bhutan, students, farmers, road workers, monks and many other day to day hard workers between the ages of 8 to 80.

He asked them many questions to find out how they would rate their happiness. He asked each person one very essential question what one thing in this world would you wish for? they wrote their wishes on there favourite coloured balloon which were then handed back to Harris.

The balloons were hung up together in a beautiful display in Dochula, a sacred mountain pass right next to thousands brightly coloured Buddhist Prayer Flags. 

Below are a few of the people Harris spoke to on his journey. Each person full of personality. Even though the people of Bhutan don’t have a lot they appreciate all they have. He met some really inspiring people on his journey, people he will never forget.

wish balloons.jpg

He had individual interviews with ever person involved with the project, he got to know each person on a personal level. learn about their interests and a little about who they are.

Harris Tell me why you chose the colour red?

Tara Because it will show, I think red will show us what is love, it’s about love. Love is red and our blood is also red, that is why. 

Harris If you has one wish, what would it be?

Tara My wish is to go to america and study. 

Harris Really, where would you like to study in america?

Tara I guess at, At University 


To hear some more stories from the people of Bhutan, check out Harris’s Webpage.

Balloons of Bhutan



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