Visual Identity Research

For CIP we are starting to focus on creating our own Visual Identity. How we display our work is just as important as the work itself. It should have meaning and personality. Your work represents YOU. Here are a few designs I found whilst research different creative ways of developing a successful portfolio.


Above are some images of creative portfolios designed by independent Artist’s and Designer’s on Pin Interest, a free online platform for creatives to display their work. Every image is very clean cut, professionally printed, simple yet full of beautiful imagery and set colour.

Everyone with a talent, an independent job title and a dream owns or should own one of these beauties. A personalised business card, know as a small rectangle shaped piece of card that holds all your important contact information. These should be given out to people like confetti. An essential tool for most successful businesses. Below are some images of unique designed business cards. I found these images on Pin Interest which have been posted up by independent creatives.

pin interest business cards.jpg

Last but not least, I took a look at some Artist’s and Designers Cv’s. Another essential part of becoming successful in the creative field.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

These also being pretty clean cut and sharp, I have learnt not to over do these documents, too much detail is a distraction to the importance of these individual pieces. Researching these areas has helped me to come up with some interesting design ideas for my finalised portfolio, business card and Cv.


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