About YouDream


About YouDream 

Introducing the voices behind the application. A team of 100 unique voices, who use their soothing toned voices to improve many peoples nights sleep. Their voices have the ability to calm you down, helping you to forget all your troubles and send you into a deep tranquil sleep. The service runs for 24 hours so you can use YouDream whenever you need to. Download the YouDream Application for your App store. Once you have downloaded the YouDream application follow the instructions.

Application Steps

app designs.jpg

The YouDream team will receive your dream requests and answers as soon as possible, taking only 10 – 15 minutes. Whilst our team are busy creating your dream, you have time to get ready for bed. You will receive a notification message when your dream has arrives. This sums up YouDream as a whole, how our team works and how you can use the service. 

Improving YouDream

I wanted to take a step forward with my YouDream Application, visualising YouDream as a realistic smart phone app. Here are my step by step digital instructions of how to use the app. I have chosen to use three colours, black, white and blue connecting the app with night time, the night sky and dreams. I have also used a simple font making the application easy to read for every age group. 

App Designs


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