Our studio met at the crack of dawn, the sun rising at 6.45am down at Docklands. Starting at Billingsgate famous fish market. Our minds waking up to the smell of seafood from a good mile away. Me and a few others wait for the rest of our classmates and tutors to arrive.

As the clock strikes 7, we went inside the fish market to get in insight into the working life of the market sellers. A very welcoming environment, each worker was willing to express to us about the history of Billingsgate market and tell us about their job roles.


x Uniforms – florescent orange

x Coloured labels – products and prices

x Boxed up products –  neatly organised


Moving on from Billingsgate market, we took a walk to Canary Wharf, to take a boat trip to the Tate. Here are some photographs I took on the way.


9.30 AM

Catching the first boat journey to Tate from Canary Wharf. Such a beautiful trip, was unexpected as I had just got back from Amsterdam the night before. My second boat trip of the week.



Once arriving outside the Tate we crossed the Millennium Bridge, I got some really nice pictures of the surroundings and workers on the bridge hard at work. Their uniforms similar to the workers at Billingsgate Market, florescent yellows and oranges. Once reaching the other side of the bridge we took a walk to Bone Island, a piece of land next to the thames where a lot of historical bones, rocks and stones are found. Our Tutor from Kin Design , Luke introduced us to the history of the island itself.

New again


Here are a couple of my sketches of two interesting Bones I found at Bone Island.




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