Interaction Design

Interaction design, the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services. 

For my project 1 brief I have started to look into interaction design and the many different ways it is used today. below are a series of images I have used digital interactive products we use on a daily basis. Most being linked to a sensory design. 

current interaction design.jpg

Sliding doors work due to a sensor which detects in a person is near or wanting to enter through the use of sensory design technology. Smart phones, oyster card (tap in, tap out),  lifts and card payments work via touch or press. 

Keywords: User experience, user interaction, systems, environment, space, mobile devices. 

Working as a group we identified negatives that impact the user experience of turnstiles. Focusing on ways we could change in improve the turnstile system, making it less complicated. Designing an app to make it interactive and user friendly.

PicMonkey Collage

Identifying Problems

x Can get stuck often

x The way the doors open

Ways to Improve

x Finger print recognition

x No need for wifi, bluetooth or data connection

x Speech device


x Starship enterprise

x Light recognition (Projection)

 x Barcode app

Touch Points

Shops – A touch point is the point of sale. The person you meet and interact with before buying (assistance and services)


Digital products

I-Watch (Apple watch)

User friendly, makes things easier to use, a higher level of design. Designing something based on the user of the design. I-Watch benefits – Smaller system on your wrist (a multi purpose product)

After researching other digital mechanisms designs as a group we created our own app compatible for most smart phones with three different features. The first being voice control, the second being a light application feature and the third the barcode projection.


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