Designer Peng Cheng has created an application for smart phone users called PAUSE. An application to help those dealing with stress and depression. As a designer he has learnt how to put his own personal experiences into his design work. The design idea is focusing on calming the mind, body and soul and improving your mental workload. 

I have downloaded this application to see how it works. The touch sensitive app uses a particular colour palette. A collection of relaxation colours. By pressing | touching your screen and following the coloured dot helps you to focus on just this. Clearing your mind from other thoughts. As the circle becomes bigger the more relaxed you become. Once the colour fills the entire screen the process is complete. This truly is an amazing way of coping with stress and improving your sleeping pattern. This application can be used with music or without. 


Watch the video below for more information. 

The PAUSE application has really helped me to think creatively for my project.



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