Paul Jenkins

“To become an expert, become an expert, any project you are work on remember to collaborate, two brains are a lot better than one and remember done is better then perfect but keep pursuing perfection” P A U L   J E N K I N S

Another Hot House talk taking place at Calcutta House Campus with level 5 and 6 students, Paul Jenkin’s introduced us to his creative world.

PicMonkey Collage 3

His down to earth personality kept the audience engaged and interested in the information he had for us. Paul Jenkin’s has a lot of experience working with many people within the art industry. He has created his own independent network working and collaborating closely with different artists and practitioners.

He has engaged with many areas of the business work, namely; Photography, Fashion, Branding, Sport, Still Life, Retail Design, Digital World, Social Media, Curation and Education Design.

Sketching out your ideas is always quick and not so precious with your work”

 P A U L  J E N K I N S

Working for many diverse big companies has helped him on his journey, however prefers to work independently and with small organisations.

He than got to the key points/suggestions for us.

He stated some valid pointers for us up and coming artists…

“How you speak and present your work is the key. Never focus on the end result only. Once again, collaborate. Build/chose your team. The right ideas come from the right people put together” – Paul Jenkins

W W W . T R I P L E D O U B L E S T U D I O . C O M


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