CCS | Olympic Park

D E A R  D I A R Y,

One breezy afternoon, I ventured out to visit the newly built Olympic Park in Stratford, East London. Existing since the 2012 Olympics. Many incredible drastic changes have been made to Stratford in the past two to three years, along with the newly built shopping centre, Stratford City, Westfield, the park itself and the olympic village which are still growing day by day. A futuristic city built for people of all ages.

Taking the first long, cobbled path I had once travelled before, I noticed many new and improved parts to the area. Creative sculptures I never noticed on my last visit. A small interesting part of the park caught my eye. A small scaled green, filled with colourful flowers, a beautiful nature scene unexpected to be found in the middle of one of East London’s park. The flowers bring a calm and collective feel to the industrial area along with it’s long strips of cobbled pavement, and inviting walkways.

I was intrigued by the amazing sculptures, all created specifically for the park by independent contemporary artists who worked in partnership with architect and designers to develop and install each design piece. Each artist inspired by the waving landscapes, buried histories, community memories, song titles, flowing water, energy, ideas of shelter and protection, discovery and adventure. Very rooted ideas helping to fire up new creative conversations and adding art to this very textured part of East London.

Design commissioned and supported by a group of young filmmakers from east London. The first sculpture I was drawn to was a two panelled elemental shelter shaped design. An inviting cave shaped space. I was attracted to It’s leaning concrete slabs which cross in an X styled shape which are only accessible from one side. A perfect hiding place for young children. The dark coloured slabs reflect and represent the industrial history of Stratford.


CCS Images 1

O L Y M P I C  S I G N


CCS Images Olympic Rings

T U M B L I N G  B A Y  P L A Y G R O U N D , C L I M B I N G  T O W E R


CCS Image Playground



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