Box Park

Linked to the Studio talk we had in week 2 Studio Culture Week with Kin Design Studio we were set homework to visit a place of our choice. We were told to capture photographs, sketch images or record videos of people in working environments and look out for any symbols, rituals and personal links.

Box Park 1.jpg

I chose to visit Box Park next to Shoreditch High Street Station. An intimate, vintage row of shops where independent designers and brand owners get the chance to put up their own pop up shops for a small period of time throughout the year. I chose Box Park as every shop from the outside looks similar. The black exterior and bold white logos introducing the shops outlines the shopping village. Their interiors however are styled to suit the shop owners and their individual styles.

The time I visited was around lunchtime so not many staff were around as they were on lunch break, however I managed to capture a few interesting pictures. Below are 4 shops based at Box Park, each with their own style linked to the fashion industry. I noticed a pattern emerge as I strolled up and down the path in front of the stores. When certain shops are closed so are both doors signalling staff are currently unavailable to help and for customers to return later in the day. If only one member of staff was working in the shop it seems as if they only opened one door to signal it may get busy quickly within the store, so there may be slow service and two doors open was a HUGE welcome signally they are open and ready for business.

Shop Fronts with Quotes.jpglogos

I took a closer look around and noticed most signs posted up for health and safety reasons and other public announcements are written in exactly the same font as the shop signs. After researching shop signs I took a second look at the stores. The one store I was really drawn to was called Fresh Laces. A unique designer trainer store for those interested in the latest and limited edition sportswear and fashion. 

fresh laces.jpg

The tools used within their workplace are the products and themselves, a down to earth team with good customer service skills. Their appearance plays a big part in their job roles. Helping customers to recognise their target audience. Visiting Box Park has helped me to visually see different organisations at work. 


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