The Art Of Ping Pong

Every student is designing and creating their own ping pong paddles to sell in auction at our live charity event Paper to Paddle.

My paddle is inspired by the conspiracy – The Butterfly Effect | Chaos Theory

Scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small can change the course of the universe forever. The butterfly effect is known as a small natural force produced over a sudden, quick period of time through complex patterns and change. A phenomenon whereby a minute localised change, the complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

Here are a few of my ideas.

PicMonkey Collagebesdf.jpg

I have also researched one of my favourite illustrators Jason Siew. Day time designer, night time illustrator based in Singapore. His work focusing a lot on colour and movement which inspired me creatively and helped me to work on my paddle design.

artist research .jpg

My main idea were also focusing on colour and textured movement. Similar to the patterns of butterfly wings. I also wanted to link my designs to change, a huge part of the butterfly effect. Change can be very personal. Linking the theme of personal to my design I used some of my independent personal artwork. Using a view finder I zoomed in on just the colour sections of my images, focusing on the background patterns and colours. On top of my background design I added 3D butterflies which stood off the paddle.


Colour Palette

Colour palette.jpg

My Final Outcome 




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