Studio Visits

Working together to make the best outcomes possible.


Corporate – Public – Websites – Environments – Graphics – Interactives – Installations – Research & Development

Kin Design is a very talented Design Studio, 14 Artists own the space and work together as a team with their individual creative skill sets. Closely connected with education Kin focus most of their designs on teaching and learning. Each artist has varied skills however, research and design are their main areas.

Craft, magic, behaviour and complex problems.

They have worked on many projects, many of their own research projects, an Installation for the BFI, Art Events, London College of Fashion Catwalks, Branding and research work for Bacardi, Selfridges, Nokia, ITV and Samsung, Independent Exhibitions. Designs for Wallpaper Magazine, Hanging structures and 3D & 4D designs.

“There is no X in Expresso” 

“Important to display work within YOUR studio, own YOUR space so you can get feedback from your peers and tutors”

“Talking through your design problems helps, as it’s really valuable to understand the meaning behind your own ideas”

Q – How do you source collaborators?

A – “Other retailers, tend to be people that are either producers or clients. (All Kin Based.) We also pick up young creatives along the way whilst working on projects etc”

Q – What does your work here at Kin Design stand for?

A – “We always work for production companies that stand for good & positive things. Such as children’s learning. We would never work for a production company that sells or is working on a product towards bad health | e.g. cigarettes, cigars. 

Mentmore Studio

Mentmore Studios, a small community of creatives together in a redesigned Victorian factory studio at London Fields, Hackney.  Four spacious studio spaces.

Tobatron | Illustrator

Illustrative and information graphics. Tobatron has two different styles of artwork he produces. One being commercial but working commercially can be vert limited. His second style of work introduces himself personally to the creative work, his personal projects has helped him to be free with his ideas.

Self Initiated Projects

x Souvenir Tea Towels – Based on the true food of Britain. 

x Bags

Made ethic Olympic designs for tote bags. Based on the true voices of Londoners. World media was included when mass produced. Many complaints were made through hate mail against Tobatron’s designs as they found the American bag designs rude as they couldn’t see the humorous side to the quote used.

“I’m renting my London Flat to a fat american family”


Designed in London and made and printed in Malawi. Money made was given to Charity.

Q – What are the key benefits of working within a shared space?

A – “It’s good for your head to be in an actual work space, it helps you to work better. It puts you in the best mind frame. Keeps things work related and it also helps to be in a social work environment, to be around people from different backgrounds where you can make new connections with other creatives you wouldn’t usually get the chance to meet or get to know. It’s also good to work with a mixture of people/creatives as you will tend to bounce ideas off of one another.”

TIPS : Using thin lining paper works well when drawing and whilst working through ideas. Scanning illustrations and adding to the drawing in illustrator can add a strong finished look to your final image.


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