CCS | City Places

Mapping Personal and Sharing Journeys 

There are many ways in which cities and journeys are imaged. Each one artistically designed to show direction, colours are added to express details included in many journeys travelled which makes each journey easier for people to follow. The structured lines express how long or short certain routes are helping us to work out the length and time it will take to reach destinations using public transport or on foot.

Installation for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now, 2004

Scher’s essay is written in a very personal context, expressing her families history. Her essay has taught me to appreciate the fine art of map design and how others may see direction differently. Maps are not just lines or detailed drawn roads to show us which way to go. They are made up of amazing features, typography, patterns, and art full of beautiful hidden messages.

Her father was a “ civil engineer ” focusing mainly on photogrammetry. He studied the science of cameras, a subject I have never come across before now. Maps can be pretty personal to us especially the ones closest to home or places we love to visit. I agree with the strong point she made about being younger and how she would sometimes mistake or misinterpret certain things her father had told her. e.g: “distortion” was akin to “lying” something was either true or false, black or white, no shades of gray.” I feel distortion is expressed mostly in the image titled Installation for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now, 2004. This map looks pretty difficult to follow with very small font in most places. I would not be able to follow this map as it is not very clear.


‘Pattern of the World’, Tea and coffee stains on dressmaking pattern papers, Susan Stockwell, 2000. Museum no. E.1095-2000

I was drawn to this image instantly. A stunning introduction image titled ‘Patterns of the World’, designed using the tea and coffee stain method. The minimal use of colours attracted me. The light beige shaded paper and deep caramel printed patterns add a military styled effect. The perfect earthy textures adds a lot of individuality to this map design. A mixture of two simple images, a birds eye view of our world map combined with geometric shaped patterns similar to exterior design sketches. I love the way two aspects of the world are blended together in such a delicate way. I feel this map design focuses a lot on culture, the colours used expresses poverty existing in different countries. The sharp sketched edges frame the world map design focusing the viewers eyes directly to the tea stained print. Similar to a treasure map with very minimal detailed lines, an image of imagination. This is another map which is difficult to follow as there are no labelled areas.


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